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Intensive Wellness Workshops

Sharing knowledge to empower oneself and in the process

transform the collective consciousness.

Shared Over 30+ Workshops Around the Globe

Previous Workshops

2019 - Present

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From the Self to the Tribe

Intensive workshop with movement, vocal techniques & improvisation.

A journey from individual to collective empowerment, understanding our role in the tribe.

A profound performative artwork to propose a new paradigm and break with the prevailing individualism of today.


With dynamics and techniques from different disciplines such as contemporary, somatic movement, contact, physical theater, popular singing theory; essential & Afro-Latin singing. Accompanied by introspection exercises that catalyze the journey.

"Terra" - A clay experience

Terra is a contained and guided journey where you can explore your movement with soothing textures of clay.
A Blindfolded experience to enhance the senses and deepen the genesis of humankind. We will move through dynamic meditation, and visualizations and explore beyond the subtleties of your movement and touch.

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An Immersive Voice and Somatic Movement experience where we dive into the different aspects of vocal liberation and movement/dance therapy. 

Gaining awareness and knowledge of our dormant artistic abilities through vocal liberation and conscious theatrical movement.
Assisting in unblocking mental limitations and reconnecting with the self.​


•Connection of breath with movement/vocals

•Placement & projection of the voice

•Harmonization & Rhythm


•Textures and qualities in movement

•Awareness of space

•Authentic movement

•Shadow work

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