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Weekend Retreat in an Enchanting Forest - "Let Go & Connect" - Valle de Bravo, MX

February 24th - 26th, 2023 (SOLD OUT)

A weekend to connect with the forest's pacifying beauty, your inner child and its innate vibrance!

February 24th - 26th, 2023

in Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Pricing Varies Depending on Accommodation Option| All-Inclusive Retreat Starting Price:

Only 229USD

Contact Us to Book This Experience!


Valle de Bravo opens its doors to an unparalleled experience.

A weekend of exploration, reconnection with nature & fun.

Gift yourself a long weekend to immerse yourself with new friends from around the world in a lush fairytale forest surrounded by a running creek. Enjoy consciously created healthy vegetarian local food, Hatha yoga, Dynamic Mediation sessions, Vocal & Movement release workshops and a group BioConstellation session to guide you towards a state that inspires purpose. Purge the unnecessary load that weighs you down from your progress and happiness. Expand the possibilities of creation and knowledge to their maximum!

On Saturday we will gather to encounter each other in a more honest way, a simple connection through sharing Cacao in an intention setting ceremony and a Movement Session. Do not miss this opportunity to spend a weekend surrounded by lush breathtaking vegetation and abundant nature in the heart of Mexico. Step into one of Mexico's pueblo magico! 

"You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this and you will find strength."


Full Description

We invite you to tap into your curiosities, to unveil the guide within who aches to be rediscovered. Within the retreat, you will share space with like-minded “redefiners” of life, like yourself.

We invite you to observe how you feel from when you arrive to when you transition out of this restorative 3-day retreat. Discover your authentic voice, observe the subtleties of your conscious movement, and see what it unveils to you.

We base our experience on being able to generate new neural connections in a caring and responsible environment. That is why we propose experiences of genuine play and interpersonal connection to inhabit our being from a more innocent state, one with less prejudice and more freedom to be. 
In the late evening of day 2, we will share kindness, introspective thoughts and our hearts over a cup of Cacao. You will feel the stimulation of what traditionally was commonly used to open the word in communion, as the blood circulation increases throughout the body, arteries expand and so does the feeling of connection. Whether that is through spoken word, singing or movement. We welcome the medicine to act through us somatically. Enabling new perceptions and resolutions by being immersed in an environment of compassion and harmony. Following that experience, we will offer an explorative dynamic mediation expressed via dance. Connecting with your breath, observing your state and allowing yourself to transport through the progressive story of your movement.

In the mornings you will enjoy the benefits of Yoga, Pranayama (breathing exercises) & Meditation; not to mention the local food that will be lovingly prepared to complement the entire experience. In turn, you don't have to worry about anything except letting go of possible resistance to having fun, exploring your voice, and connecting with new minds, hearts and your essence. 

In a complementary way, we will offer two possibilities to challenge your limits and give space to your inner voice. You will be guided with various techniques and dynamics to give light and color to your sound, music and inner rhythm.

You will also be delighted to receive a unique experience of a collective Bioconstellation session with its focal point aimed at shedding light on self-imposed blockages that limit us from flourishing into our full abundance, prosperity and deployment of our projects for this new year that is just beginning.

Connect with us to see if this retreat is a right fit for you and we will follow through by offering a free pre-retreat interview.

See you soon!


What's special about this retreat

We design multidisciplinary retreat experiences where one comes to transmute self-imposed limitations through:

Mental alignment, dynamic meditations, creative stimuli, somatic dance experiences, authentic voice activation, integration, contact with nature, medicinal ceremonies, collective collaboration and learning to hold space.

Activate what lies within to be the change you seek to see in this world.​


Program & Prices

The experience includes:

  • Somatic Movement Exploration Session

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Vocal Freedom Workshop

  • Bioconstelation group session "Abundance and prosperity"

  • Morning classes of Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and Anapana meditation

  • 5 healthy vegetarian and vegan option meals

  • Accommodation for 2 nights in the camping area


Your ticket includes everything mentioned above only for 119 USD!


3-Day Weekend Schedule


-Check in 3pm

  • Tour of Retreat perimeters

  • Welcome Circle

  • Trust & Connection Dynamics


  • Dynamic meditation


  • Yoga, Meditación, Pranayama


  • Vocal Freedom Workshop

  • BioConstellation Group Session


  • Somatic Movement Workshop


  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Deep Root Movement Workshop


  • Bonfire: Singing & Words Circles


  • Yoga, Meditación, Pranayama


  • Vocal Freedom Workshop

-Break to drink a healthy delicious beverage & snacks

  • Circle of words to close & Angel Tunnel

-Close Experience @ 2pm



The breakfast is a Smoothie Bowl with cereals and seeds to vitaminize and revitalize the whole body. The lunch will be after the second activity and will contain the nutrients that we need to nourish ourselves without feeling deep or sleepy. We will provide vegan meals including all the proteins and carbs that we will use in the different workshops. At the end of the day, surrounding sunset time we will have dinner to complete the necessary nutrients for the day.



The experience will take place in a beautiful ranch in the heart of Acatitlán, Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico. A space surrounded by a river and a natural reserve that has given life to many ceremonies and events in recent years.

The incredible vegetation and abundant water have made Valle de Bravo one of the most sought after destinations in the center of the country, both for sports and nature lovers.

The camping site is close to the main property (open concept house) that will have services and where the food that we will enjoy every day of the event will be prepared.

In order to access the property, we will provide you with the satellite location where you can access from a shared taxi from the center of Valle de Bravo town.

To get to Valle de Bravo, the fastest way is by bus 2 hours drive from Mexico City (Poniente-Observatorio Station). The only company that makes the journey is Zinabus. You can also share your information with us and we will set up carpooling groups from Mexico City and Toluca to reduce the environmental impact of transportation.


What's Not Included In This Package

  • Travel insurance

  • Tent and sleeping equipment

  • Flight costs

  • Visa fees

  • Additional treatments

  • Additional activities not included in the itinerary

  • Airport transfer to location

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