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The Self & the Tribe

May 9th - 12th, 2024 ... (REGISTRATION OPEN!!)

In this retreat, you will experience a series of workshops and therapeutic sessions so that you can learn to register your true self with equanimity and integrity. And in turn, you can better understand your role in the tribe, in this society that needs your conscious, attentive, and loving presence every day.

May 9th - 12th, 2024

in Tepoztlán, México

Pricing Varies Depending on Accommodation Option
All-Inclusive Mental, Physical & Restorative Retreat

Starting Price: 699 USD

Inquire about any available discounts!
Special discounts for couples!!

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In these turbulent times, we make a call to come together. To find our axis and our center, without forgetting that we are part of a great network called humanity.

In this retreat, you will experience a series of workshops and therapeutic sessions so that you can learn to register your true self with equanimity and integrity. And in turn, you can better understand your role in the tribe, in this society that needs your conscious, attentive, and loving presence every day.

You will be part of a tribe of brave souls and immerse yourself in powerful experiences such as Voice Liberation, Janzu (aquatic therapy), Somatic Movement, Temazcal ceremony, Silent Walk to the mountain, and many more activities that will shape and temper your spirit in the holistic and spiritual capital of Mexico, the mountains of Tepoztlán.


Full Description

After several years of working together, we have designed a retreat format especially tailored for the times we are in. We believe that the planet needs conscious humans connected to their environment. It needs active individuals.

This is our motivation for this call: to cultivate individual and spiritual growth, to nurture the development of a conscious and participatory community.

This retreat has the incredible feature of offering various activities aligned and scheduled so that in each one you connect with yourself and realize the adventure of your own discovery which is your life.

At the same time, you will be in intimate contact with other awakened beings who wish to know themselves just like you, and they will be part of a community that will extend far beyond the retreat itself, providing that support group for every situation where you need support in the future.
Designed under the knowledge of two therapists immersed not only in the psychotherapeutic environment but also in the artistic, spiritual, and social sciences, our method is based on the hypothesis that the therapeutic effect of art is that it provides the possibility of expression; the depth and authenticity of this expression are directly proportional to the basic trust it generates in the person.

As the main axis, we will be refining your attention, as it is responsible for obtaining greater observation and exploration, and therefore greater benefit in each practice. How? Through static and dynamic meditation techniques, you will learn to return to yourself, no matter what is happening outside your skin.

We will open the doors of La Casa de Artes Acuáticas in Tepoztlán, the practice center of the Agua Collective, where activities are carried out every week around water disciplines. With a beautiful view of the Amatlán mountains, the cradle of the great Quetzalcoátl, you will be immersed in a spiritual world that not many know, mountains whose presence generates a beautiful challenge: to know oneself.

You will open every day with the practice of Hatha Yoga, Pranayama exercises (Breathing), and Meditation (Anapana, Vipassana & Metta), inhabiting our being with integrity; body, mind & soul.

At the beginning of the retreat, we generate an atmosphere of connection by offering a series of workshops on Somatic Movement and Voice Liberation that foster self-expression and acceptance, embodying confidence. We believe it is time for each person to release their voice and their inner movement, occupying the space you deserve in this world.

You will transfer that movement and freedom on land to the water, expansive and empowering of our processes. In it, you will be able to experience encounters of dance in water -School of Fish Dance- exploring your movements in another dimension where the laws of the possible and the impossible dissolve.

We offer a powerful tool to embark on an inner adventure: Janzu, a body psychotherapy experienced as a journey and an aquatic dance. Using your physical body as a gateway, Janzu has benefits on your emotional, mental, and energetic bodies, reaching levels of relaxation that you didn't know we were capable of. Janzu induces profound changes in how you carry yourself in the world, increasing your body awareness and our ability to flow in this life.

Later, you will enter the womb of Mother Earth. Temazcal, an ancient purification ritual that gathers the four basic elements of life: earth, water, air, and fire. Through four rounds of medicine chants, prayers (words that come from the heart), and medicinal plants such as tobacco, copal, sage, and osha, we heat volcanic stones, bringing them into the womb and pouring herbal infusions to produce medicinal steam and heat. A symbol of returning to the womb of Mother Earth to be born again.

We trust that among so many words, this message reaches where it needs to go. We encourage you to send us a message if you have any questions, and we will arrange a call to continue talking and getting to know each other.
Do not hesitate to contact us!



  • Strengthen mental and emotional resilience by integrating self-observation techniques, enabling you to respond from a place of love and inner peace rather than reacting impulsively.
  • Treat, invest and honor yourself by dedicating time to reflection and self-exploration.
  • Expand your perception and embrace new perspectives to unleash your potential and enhance your physical and mental capabilities.
  • Experience profound relaxation with a 1 on 1 session of Janzu, a transformative aquatic therapy.
  • Enhance your vocal capacity and free expression by discovering the true sound of your voice and authentic movement. Explore the therapeutic effects of the arts, awakening the artist within you.
  • Align and integrate with a traditional Temazcal Ceremony.
  • Connect with the essence of natural divinity during silent mornings, practicing Yoga asanas, pranayama, and guided meditations.
  • Gain motivation and passion in daily life by purifying your mind, body, and soul through a nourishing Sattvic lifestyle and intermittent fasting.
  • Foster authentic relationships through new practices with like-minded individuals. Become part of a vast community of warriors.
  • Trek through the mystical mountains of Amatlán de Quetzalcoatl, strengthening your core and embracing boldness.
  • Express yourself freely in a safe, non-judgmental space while feeling supported and seen.
  • Engage in a creative writing circle, Kirtan, and heart-opening Cacao Ceremony. Let your voice soar!


What makes this retreat special

"The Self and the Tribe" brings together different disciplines, arts, and therapies in order to achieve a tuning in your attention. In this way, by increasing your capacity for observation, exploration, and expression, you will achieve the therapeutic effect sought: the liberation and expansion of your perception.

And while all these activities have a direct benefit on the individual, the explorations are also made collectively, recognizing ourselves as members of a collective, contributing and receiving, improving our relationships, and our way of communicating, embracing our wounds of rejection and abandonment.

Honoring what was, preparing for what comes next.

You will receive multiple tools and practices that will improve your quality of life, performance in your work, depth and sincerity in your relationships, power in your words, and coherence in your actions. In short: a mental realignment.

We wholeheartedly believe in the power of these practices as we have witnessed their results for years. Welcome to the Tribe!



Retreat Includes
  • 1 on 1 Triple Vagal Method session
  • Sauna Purification Cleanse
  • Morning Yoga & Breathwork
  • 11 Nutritious & Balanced Meals
  • Somatic Embodiment Movement Session
  • Performative Somatic Release Theatre
  • Authentic Movement workshop
  • Still & Dynamic Meditation
  • Connection with Nature
  • Free Time to Relax, Integrate and Explore
  • Permaculture Intro to How the Facility You're Living on Operates Sustainably
  • Mauna Mornings (Silence, peace of mind, inner quietude)
  • Restorative Processing
  • Empowerment & Recognition of Individual Strengths
  • Authentic Relating
  • Community Lifestyle Living

You wake up with the sun peeking through the mountains of Amatlán, and only the birds show their beautiful presence with their songs. You feel light, energetic, and athletic.

You breathe clearly and deeply. You realize that no thought invades you; you smile and observe its harmlessness when it comes. (It is possible to master your mind!)You gather with the group to meditate, to delve further into yourself beyond what you thought possible. Inner peace is real.
And it only depends on you. We stretch our bodies and strengthen our core with a Hatha Yoga session. The light turns on outside; it turns on inside.

You remain silent, take your diary, and record your mental, physical, and spiritual state. You dedicate yourself to yourself, exclusively to you, for a few days. Disconnected from any situation outside of there.

We serve a delicious and nutritious breakfast, of which you try to remember the ingredients to make it once you are back home. You maintain internal silence, a comfortable and harmonious silence among your companions. You observe them and see their dedication to themselves.
After walking around the house, maybe taking a dip in the pool, you go to the first workshop of the day: Somatic Movement. You marvel at what your body is capable of doing! You feel strong yet flexible, agile, and wild.

Exploring through dynamics brought from contemporary dance, contact, experimental, somatic, and physical theater. You let yourself go and surrender to your own flow while expanding your possibilities.

Then, you remember that you have scheduled an individual Janzu session. You prepare to receive a session with high-level therapists at the Casa de Artes Acuáticas, the largest body of aquatic therapists in Mexico.

And now you release, release to the deepest and allow yourself to connect with past memories, your own water resonates. An experience that will change your perception forever.

After lunch, you take a moment to share with your companions. You discover the similarities in their processes and their challenges, and you dare to open up in a space of safety and non-judgment.

You recognize the power of your words, and you are happy to be able to share them with a group, to feel heard, and to feel contained.

You prepare for the Voice Liberation workshop. Similar to what you did with your body, you begin to explore and play with your voice.

The genetic secrets of melody are revealed, you vibrate in rhythm with others, and you explore the therapeutic effects of harmony. You register the vibrations, open your mouth a little more, and let out your voice. Your internal voice.
That's how it should be; that's how freedom should feel—expanded in body, voice, and spirit.

You observe the fire ignited within; you approach the bonfire. You recognize where you are and the power that surrounds you. You are thankful for this moment; sustaining it is up to you. You prepare your prayer and your spirit to enter the Temazcal.

To seal that whole state and register it in your body. To be one with the group. United by fire and water. Inside, you hear your heart beating and join your voice with others.
You merge. And you remember that you are not alone. There are many of us seeking to connect and share. Helping us remember who we are and what we are capable of. Destroying your limiting beliefs. And making space for a new being. For a new life.
Example Daily Schedule:
(Enter a timeless day, where all you have to do is focus on yourself & wait for our team to call for you... So, put away your watch and cell phone and enjoy the beauty of living in the time of the sun.
7:00 AM - Morning Wake Up Call
  • Morning Lemon Water
  • Meditation, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama
  • Breakfast
  • 1st Activity - (Either: Authentic Relating, Authentic Movement, Vocal Freedom, or Somatic Embodiment Workshop)
  • Lunch
  • 2nd Activity - (Either: Vocal Flow Creations, Mountain Hiking, Aquatic Dance)
  • Break
  • Dinner
  • 3rd Activity - (Either: Native American Sweatlodge, Kirtan Circle, Tipi Experience, Yoga Nidra, Cacao Ceremony)
9:00 PM - End of Day



You begin the day with morning tea to warm the body. Our morning breakfast is a power Smoothie Bowl topped with nuts, shredded coconut, fruit, and seeds to nourish the body holistically.
The lunch will be after the first activity and will contain a balance of nutrients needed to nourish ourselves without feeling heavy or lethargic.
We will provide vegetarian/vegan meals loaded with the necessary energy-boosting proteins, carbs, and healthy fats to fortify our bodies and minds throughout our daily activities.
At the end of the day, as we approach sunset time, we will gather for dinner to complete the necessary nutrients for the day. Leaving our body in perfect condition to practice intermittent fasting (eating 8 hours / fasting 16 hours) to perceive all the benefits of this wonderful practice:
  • Thinking and memory. Studies discovered that intermittent fasting boosts animal working memory and verbal memory in adult humans.

  • Heart health.

  • Physical performance

  • Diabetes and obesity

  • Tissue health.

  • Blood levels of insulin drop significantly

  • Human growth hormone (HGH) levels

  • Cellular repair.

  • There are beneficial changes in several genes and molecules related to longevity and protection against disease; for example, they may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

  • It can reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body, being oxidative stress one of the steps toward aging and many chronic diseases

  • Blood sugar levels/blood pressure/blood triglycerides / Total and LDL (bad) cholesterol / inflammatory markers.


  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

  • Snacks


  • Dairy-free

  • Vegan

  • Vegetarian




Co-founder of DeepRoot Movement and Juntxs Somos un Bosque defined himself as an activist, Iván has been immersed most of his life in a braid of concepts that span the arts, politics, and permaculture.
Graduated in Engineering, his studies and practices have included music, dance, ha-tha yoga, janzu, cinema, photography, theater, poetry, agriculture and herbal medicine, all amalgamated in the aim towards social transformation.
There lies his plane of research aimed at horizontal communication and application of artistic and therapeutic methodologies for the development of communities and decision-making.


Bachelor of Human Communication and Psychotherapist. A participant in Native American ceremonies (vision quest, sun dance), he has been given permission to lead temazcal ceremonies.
Co-founder of Colectivo Agua, he has been dedicated to the practice and teaching of Janzu (body psychotherapy in water) for 19 years, which he has used for the last 5 years as a valuable alternative tool in the treatment of addictions.



Single Bunk Bed with Private Bathroom

699 USD

The price listed is per person

Indulge in the tranquility of morning birdsong and serene stillness, setting the scene for a harmonious day ahead. While our shared room features a single bed, it offers ample space for rest and rejuvenation.

Ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready to seize the day's opportunities.

Sharing the space with like-minded individuals fosters connections, enriching experiences, and stimulating conversations.

Embrace the camaraderie and support of fellow seekers on a similar path, enhancing your retreat journey — a gateway to meaningful connections and profound growth.


Single Bed w/ Private Bathroom in Shared Room

799 USD

The price listed is per person Embrace the tranquility of the morning birdsong and the serene stillness that encourages introspection, setting the tone for a harmonious start to your day.

Nestled on the first floor, this room ensures exclusive privacy with its private bathroom and boasts a breathtaking vista of the Amatlan mountains, the inviting pool, and the distant charm of Yautepec town.

As night falls, revel in the majestic sight of Amatlan town's elevated silhouette. With a comfortable single bed, this room offers not only a restful retreat but also an intimate space for personal reflection and rejuvenation.


Double Bed in Shared Room

899 USD

The price listed is per person

The room is enveloped in silence in the mornings, offering views of the mountains of Amatlan, specifically overlooking the Quetzalcoatl pond.

Furnished with all the essentials for your comfort, it is an excellent resting area after a day of activities, just steps away from the pool.

Enjoy the double bed, providing ample space for rest and energy restoration. Quality sleep is essential to reap the benefits of this experience fully.


Double Bed in Private Room w/Bathroom

999 USD

The price listed is per person.

You can appreciate the birdsong at dawn, and a refreshing silence that invites introspection and starting the day well-aligned.

It is located on the first floor, offering exclusive privacy with a private bathroom and an incredible view of the mountains of Amatlan, the pool, and in the distance, the town of Yautepec. At night, you can admire the elevation of the town of Amatlan.

Relish the double bed, offering generous space for rejuvenating rest. Quality sleep is paramount to fully embracing the rewards of this experience.



Cradle of Quetzalcoatl. Place full of mysteries. A living school.
Tepoztlán is renowned worldwide as an energetic vortex that draws knowledge seekers from all corners of the globe.
Surrounded by monumental mountains brimming with quartz and obsidian and wild nature. Tepoztlán conceals vast knowledge and insights for those daring to venture in.
You'll realize it as soon as you arrive in the town. You don't choose Tepoztlán; it chooses you.



The House of the Aquatic Arts

It is a space created to promote and disseminate the healing and consciousness-amplifying properties of Water. Surrounded by the mountains of Amatlán de Quetzalcóatl, Tepoztlán, Mexico, the CAA has become a Sanctuary for the corporal exploration of the Being, giving space to the arts, therapies, research and the meeting of beings who recognize Water as the origin of life. The core team of Colectivo Agua is in charge of guarding and managing this space to make it available to the community that resonates with this work.


What's Included In This Package

  • 3 Nights accommodation

  • 3 Daily Nutritious & Balanced Meals

  • Daily Yoga , Pranayama & Meditation Classes

  • Liberation Of The Voice Workshops (Vocal Freedom)

  • Janzu, 1 on 1 Session

  • Temazcal (Native American Sweatlodge)

  • Somatic Embodiment Movement Session

  • Aquatic Dance Encounter

  • Opening Heart Cacao Ceremony

  • Authentic Movement Workshop

  • Still & Dynamic Meditation (Anapana, Vipassana & Metta)

  • Drum Songs Bonfire - Tipi Experience

  • Nature Hiking in the Mountain

  • Traditional Kirtan Circle

  • Mauna Mornings (Silence, peace of mind, inner quietude)

  • Empowerment & Recognition of Individual Strengths

  • Restorative Processing

  • Creative Fire Writing Night

  • Authentic Relating Workshop

  • Community Lifestyle Living

  • You'll be included in the Post-Retreat Group, contributing to the collective effort of remembering and maintaining presence.

What's Not Included In This Package

  • Flights costs

  • Visa fee

  • Travel insurance

  • Airport transfer

  • Additional activities not included in the itinerary

  • Additional treatments


How To Get Here

Book your flight to Mexico City International Airport (Benito Juarez) and from there you have two options:

  1. Take an Uber/Taxi directly to Tepoztlan (approximately 200 USD).

  2. Alternatively, you can catch a bus from the South Terminal Taxquena bound for Tepoztlan (around 15 USD).

Rest assured, we'll be in touch beforehand to guide you through the journey, ensuring a seamless arrival. Typically, we facilitate group arrangements to foster connections among participants and to share transportation.
Upon reaching Tepoztlan, we'll be in contact to provide detailed directions to the Center. Prepare to embark on a transformative experience as soon as you set foot in this charming town.
We will also be organizing a WhatsApp group for people who wish to carpool together.

What To Bring

  • Personal Toiletries

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • Sun hat

  • Mosquito Repellent

  • Reusable Water Bottle

  • Medication And Supplies

  • Bath Towel

  • Comfortable Sandals

  • Hiking Shoes

  • Comfortable Clothing for Dancing, Hot Weather, and Nature

  • Extra Pens and Notebook

  • ID or Passport

  • An Open Heart and Mind :)


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