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6 Day "Ether to Earth" an Artistic-Mindfulness Wellness Retreat in Sian Ka'an - Tulum, MX

November 13th - 18th, 2022 ... (Closed Registration)

November 13th - 18th, 2022 in San Kan'an Tulum, Mexico

Pricing Varies Depending on Accommodation Option| All-Inclusive Retreat Starting Price: 1299 USD

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Are you tired of postponing your life aspirations, hopes, and dreams due to feeling stuck in a loop that doesn’t seem to fully satisfy you? What happened to those desires and aspirations that you once dreamt about? It’s never too late to design a life that aligns with what makes you feel most whole and satisfied.

This is a self-knowledge retreat carefully designed in an interdisciplinary way whose central core is Art Therapy. Its main objective is to redirect and utilize stagnant emotions as well as energetic states stored in the body towards enhancing people's lives as cognizant humans on this planet.

Unblock self-imposed limitations to unlock dormant potential: the power of creativity, free expression, master planning, expanding one's perspective, and grit.

What is unthinkable now can become your not-so-distant accessible reality.
These designed experiences are tailored for select groups of 10 people who sense they are at a shifting moment in their lives. The retreat goes through multiple workshops and experiences that gradually take you from a state of stagnation, procrastination, or confusion into a state of determination, clarity, and empowerment.
How you may be asking?

The journey begins by immersing in the spirit of nature, reconnecting with her simplicity and mystery that will settle the heart and start to ground the mind for the week's process. To identify our starting target, you will dive into an inner excavation where you will penetrate your subconscious layers, one by one until you find those lingering unnecessary weeds to remove…but only if you are ready to heal and move on. BioMagnetic and Emotional Release 1-on-1 session detects those blocked emotions that prevent you from healing or living in your present wholesome state. As we release we transmute, by directing this energy through the movement of our incredible bodies in diverse Movement Workshops on land and in water (Intro to Aquatic Dance, Somatic Embodiment Movement, Authentic Movement, and 5 Rhythms Dynamic Movement Meditation) allowing the movement to express itself through you versus you controlling it, let go to release.

The same goes for our uplifting Vocal Activation to Liberation workshop where one steps into the sometimes frightening place of hearing one's voice to feel uplifted, empowered, and seen. Creative play through Somatic still and dynamic meditative practices that emphasize self-introspection which helps calm the mind and train our much-valued asset, our attention.

You will learn the magical power of self-observation with daily sessions of meditation, yoga, and pranayama (energy-moving breathing exercises), creating healthy habits, eating nutritious healthy vegetarian meals, and preparing the mind, body, and soul for the day’s activities. A goal-planning mentored workshop designed to define your utmost passionate ambitions into achievable reality by creating simple systematized steps and psychological embodiment.

One thing’s for sure:
As the week’s activities progress, unforgettable life connections are formed, new tools to live a harmonious life are acquired and most importantly - paths to new horizons are drawn out, all that is left is to continue paving the way to your ideal life.

The hardest part is starting, and you have already begun!



Sometimes we unintentionally grow attached to repetitive undesirable behaviors, feelings or memories. They become emotionally stored in us and block us from potentializing our gifts and authentic being.

Are you ready to move forward in life, to flush out and fill up with what inspires, motivates and revitalizes you to live the life you desire?

You will shave off layer by layer to awaken a more intuitive and serene self by sharpening your attention through dynamic and still meditative practices - to feel the subtleties of life, enhance the senses and refresh an appreciation for truly living, and by doing so, revitalize your being.

Revitalize the basic human necessity of reconnecting with the natural mother that births life, our elements, the secret chatters of the jungle, and birds. This is a special opportunity to get back in touch with the natural world in an unforgettable Biosphere reserve in Sian Ka’an, Tulum. A place that will be your home for a week with new friends and life-enhancing moments. Explore outdoor activities such as kayaking or snorkeling in the celestial crystalline Caribbean sea just in front of the house, or jump off our lagoon deck that rests on the opposite side of the property a few feet behind the house.

We call Ether to Earth the design behind our immersive experiences. Alluding to gathering our most passionate ideas from the world of thought and ideas to tangible Earth, materializing our dreams. The Sublimation process of our emotions and feelings.

We adjust the design of the retreat to its participant's needs and true necessities to help each individual expand towards their path of self-discovery or self-healing. We go through a brief pre-retreat interview process to connect and get to know each and every one of you so that we can offer you the most appropriate methods for the development of your process.

In this experience, you will live a week isolated in nature while maintaining the essentials of comfort in a welcoming home and a glorious property that is hugged by two bodies of water. On one side of the beach house property rests the warm Caribbean sea, and a few meters behind the property you will encounter the Campechen Mayan lagoon, a beautiful spot to watch the sun rest as the night surfaces:

Imagine waking up to the sounds of sweet jungle melodies, fresh air, and rolling waves. Spending the day surrounded by tropical bliss and friendly smiles. In this retreat, you get a taste of barefoot luxury, far away from the bustle of Tulum. Immersed in Sian Ka'an's stunning Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage site that will be your backyard for a week of exploration.

We open the experience every day with the practice of Yoga and Meditation, inhabiting our being in integrity, body and mind. In the first days, we generate an atmosphere of connection with the group, focusing on communication with the Authentic Relating workshop, Embodiment & Somatic Movement group sessions and introduction to Water Dance, as the first approach to movement both on land and in water.

In the first days, you will have an individual session of BioMagnetism & Emotional Reconnection to start the process of connecting and communicating with stored information and blockages in the body. BioMagnetic therapy restores proper pH and homeostasis levels to the body by administering the proper placement of varied strengths of magnets. This normalizes the response to inflammation, encourages the optimal function of organ systems, stimulates detoxification, and releases emotional traumas held deep in the body’s memory. Emotional Reconnection & Release therapy is incorporated in the sessions to complement and potentialize the results of the healing body and soul, which leads to free the mind from old baggage. A profound emotional purification to start your new journey with less weight on your shoulders.

Become an active player of a series of workshops and experiences that will allow you to explore your body, your authentic movement and your voice without prejudice, shame or filters.

Expand from your inner constraints to be seen, be heard, be bold.

For this edition, we chose to incorporate Aquatic Dance and Experimental movement workshops to use sensitivity and attention as engines of creation.

Then we get into the exploration of Authentic Movement workshops as we invite unrestrained expression to flow through us freely, without thought manipulating our genuine manifestation. Connect with your simplicity, transmute and liberate those feelings chained to us somatically.

As the setting sun welcomes the night, we will enjoy collective musical gatherings, with Singing Circles, Sound Journey and Yoga Nidra. To touch on the subtleties that the subconscious desires to reveal to us and to which it is at times difficult to pay attention to.

Moving forward on the journey we uncover our voice in the Vocal Liberation and Activation workshop, where we address the infinite power of our voice. Release through melodic sounds and play those words and events you've one too many times have swallowed or held back. Free your voice. We want you to feel loved, supported and most of all heard in a community of people who are witnessing the first chapters of this powerful and courageous new you. No step forward is too small to be recognized. We will play with those self-limiting thoughts, surrender to ourselves and connect with each other through the power of music, a path of millennial healing, even before the development of agriculture.

As the days go by and the inner connection with a simpler pure self strengthens, the feet are planted firmly on the ground, there’s a shimmer of clarity in the eyes, and just like that, we are on our final days. Feeling healthier physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually from the ongoing process of daily conscious eating and intermittent fasting, meditation, yoga and pranayama. We are now ready to seed our most forgotten passionately driven desires. Giving form and determination to those thoughts with the Master Goal Planning group session, also known as Ether to Earth a creative method to give form, clarity and achievable step by step strategies to achieve your most desired life objectives.

To seal this special journey that we've collectively embarked on, we will celebrate each other and this wholesome new beginning as we drink ceremonial Cacao together. Allow the heart to open, the senses to activate and the words to be shared with new family. We honor life by dancing together through 5 Rhythms, a dynamic movement mediation. Opening our hearts to accept and lead our conscious desires toward the light and into realization, together.

For any inquiries regarding this particular event, feel invited to message us and someone on the team will get back to you as soon as possible. We understand that it can be a lot of information at the beginning. We love to share the reasons and benefits of such beautiful and nourishing techniques and workshops.
We trust that between so many words this message will reach where it has to go. We are moved by a mission, we are moved by energy of liberation that is stronger than us. We hope that this feeling, this vital force arrives to those when and where it has to...

...Only you will know.



  • Enrich your mediation practices to create a consistent daily practice - the benefits are undisputable

  • Expand your creativity and release through diverse forms of artistic expression

  • Submerge yourself in Sian Ka'an's Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that will be your home for a week

  • Deeply Activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System for deep relaxation

  • Self Express freely in a safe nonjudgmental container while feeling supported and seen

  • Revitalize your system as you immersive yourself in our vibrant tropical jungle

  • Become stronger emotionally and mentally to discover inner peace

  • Nourish your spiritual side, your inner light

  • Drop out of “normal life” to welcome new unforgettable experiences

  • Relate Authentically through new practices with other like-minded beings

  • Purify your mind, body and soul through a nourishing Sattvic lifestyle

  • Introspection and get in touch with the pristine nature around you

  • Enter an encouraging environment that will leave you with new wonderful friends from around the world


What Makes This Retreat Special

The Ether to Earth method takes this retreat experience further than a mere holiday retreat. This methodology was carefully crafted and elaborated by professionals from the field of psychology, arts, and social communications.

Here you will practice exercises to awaken mental clarity and gain confidence that does not rely on exterior validation but instead, it’s affirmed by appreciating your strengths, understanding your shadows and calming the mind to develop the ability to self-observe.

Meditation is concentration, directing genuine presence to whatever you do. The practice of being physically, mentally and spiritually aware by directing your attention to your current state. Allowing the essence of truly seeing and perceiving is the gift we wish you to take home.

In this journey, we combine powerful meditation techniques and artistic self-development methods for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transformation.

You will dive into diverse activities that help establish these self-evolving practices, refining your concentration to calm the mind and enter the body. Through somatic embodiment movement classes, connecting with your physical state on land and in the flow of the water element. You will also experience the feeling of releasing your authentic voice, liberating any mental self-limiting restraints that tend to get stored in the throat. We will mingle with new practices of Authentic Relating to enhance the depth of how we connect with others, Wildlife nature walks, Introspective creative writing and many other activities.

We wish for you to seize the most from this experience that we genuinely hope to change the world with, even if it’s one heart at a time. We are all on this healing path together, and as we heal and develop more compassion for ourselves, our relationships and the world we live in… then the domino effect is inevitable. As you improve and thrive, so does the collective spirit.

We wholeheartedly believe in the power of these practices and have witnessed their results. Simplicity, self-observation, trust, understanding that there is more than 1 perspective to every event, and allowing oneself to let go - are the keys to inner peace.


Retreat Includes:

  • Mauna Mornings (Silence, peace of mind, inner quietude)

  • Morning Yoga & Breathwork

  • 1 -ON- 1 BioMagnetic & Emotional Reconnection Session

  • Nutritious & Balanced Meals

  • Authentic Relating

  • Still & Dynamic Meditation

  • Nature Walks in the Jungle

  • Free Time to Relax and Explore

  • Aquatic Dance - Intro Movement Dynamics

  • 5 Rhythms Meditative Movement

  • Night Sound Journey

  • Restorative Processing

  • Lagoon Floating Current Excursion

  • Empowerment & Recognition of Individual Strengths

  • Somatic Embodiment Movement Session

  • Authentic Movement

  • Liberation Of the Voice Workshops

  • Creative Fire Writing Night

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Water Sports Equipment Included for Free Time Enjoyment: Kayaking, Snorkeling, Paddle Boards



We begin the day with warm lemon water to alkalize the body.
The breakfast is a Smoothie Bowl with cereals and seeds to vitaminize and revitalize.
The lunch will be served after the second activity and will contain the nutrients that we need to nourish ourselves without feeling heavy or sleepy. We will provide vegan balanced meals including all the proteins and carbs that to energize us for our daily activities.
Once the sun begins to set we will join together for dinner, leaving our bodies feeling healthy and in perfect condition to practice intermittent fasting for the rest of the night, (eating 8 hours / fasting 16 hours, mostly during the night).

The benefits of intermittent fasting practice:
  • Thinking and memory. Studies discovered that intermittent fasting boosts working memory in animals and verbal memory in adult humans.

  • Heart health

  • Physical performance

  • Diabetes and obesity

  • Tissue health

  • Blood levels of insulin drop significantly

  • Human growth hormone (HGH) levels

  • Cellular repair

  • There are beneficial changes in several genes and molecules related to longevity and protection against disease, for example may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Can reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body, being oxidative stress one of the steps toward aging and many chronic diseases.

  • Blood sugar levels / blood pressure / blood triglycerides / Total and LDL (bad) cholesterol / inflammatory markers.


Select Your Accommodation

Double Beds in Mayan Shared Room with Private Bathroom

The Mayan shared bedroom offers a cozy and spacious double bed with a private bathroom to ensure your comfort during your stay. Enjoy the beauty and simplicity of complete seclusion from the hustle of the city life and embrace the abundance of Sian Ka'an's diverse nature.

There is over a mile of private property and beach to relish, and if you walk a few sandy steps behind your temporary home you will arrive to the Campeche Mayan lagoon where some of the most spectacular sunsets are enjoyed!

There is the option for WiFi internet, (however, we encourage you to disconnect from virtual distractions to reconnect with yourself...), unlimited fresh drinking water (no bottled water necessary), room safes for your valuables, free use of watersports equipment, pool towels, and more.

Our on-site team there to ensure you have everything you need.

$1,299 USD

The price listed is per person.


1 Guest - Master Bedroom with Private Bathroom

The home boasts a spacious, master bedroom with a king-size bed to relax as you read or journal while hearing the sounds of the wildlife. From your room you can enjoy a walk on the white sand towards the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean on one side and the lagoon on the other.

The house has all the mod cons including air conditioning in your bedroom, WiFi internet access (however, we encourage you to disconnect from virtual distractions to reconnect with yourself), unlimited fresh drinking water (no bottled water necessary), room safes for your valuables, daily housekeeping service, laundry service for an additional fee, free use of watersports equipment, beach towels, and more. Our on-site staff is there to ensure that you have everything that you need.

$1,499 USD



2 Guests - Master Bedroom with Private Bathroom

Discounted option for couples or for two guests that to share the Private room together.

$2,099 USD




Escape the crowds in this peaceful luxurious, eco-chic beachfront villa perfectly situated only 6km into the unspoiled Sian Ka'an Bio-Sphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site – far enough to feel like you are secluded in a tropical heavenly escape. It’s definitely not just any beach, the breathtaking virgin nirvana of Sian Ka'an is Tulum's most unique and exclusive destination with 1000m of unoccupied beachfront space with fine white sand and warm Caribbean Ocean; amid lush tropical vegetation, flanked by a beautiful blue lagoon. Just offshore from the villa you may snorkel or kayak the Mayan Riviera's famous lagoon; local excursions like a nature tour by boat along the ancient Mayan canals. Back on dry land at the Villa, enjoy swaying palm trees, the calls of nature as you rest in a hammock and catch up on your favorite book. As you recline and relax you wait for the call of our lovely chef who prepares authentic organic vegetarian meals. Welcome to a paradise you will soon call home!


What's Included In This Package

  • 1 -ON- 1 BioMagnetic & Emotional Reconnection Session

  • Somatic Movement and Embodiment sessions

  • Vocal Activation and Liberation workshops

  • Night Sound Journey

  • Bonfire Singing Circle

  • 14 delicious and nutritious organic vegetarian/ vegan meals prepared by our staff from locally sourced ingredients

  • 5 Rhythms Movement Meditation Practice

  • Daily meditation & mindfulness classes to improve the way you meditate

  • FREE Pick up from Tulum to bring you to the retreat location in Sian Ka'an

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • 5 nights accommodation in our beautiful and luxurious Villa that is surrounded by jungle and has a private beach

  • Snorkeling in the Caribbean sea with new friends

  • Pranayama Breathwork classes

  • Outdoor water sports equipment included: Kayaks, Snorkel Gear, Paddle Boards

  • Calming Hatha Yoga classes

  • Campechen Mayan lagoon exploration

  • Introduction to Aquatic Dance session

  • Group activities in the jungle, lagoon and sea

  • Free Time to enjoy a week in paradise and relax

What's Not Included In This Package

  • Travel insurance

  • Flights costs

  • Visa fee

  • Additional treatments

  • Additional activities not included in the itinerary

  • Airport transfer after the retreat, however we can help you arrange a taxi for your departure


Flight and Other Trip Reservations

Due to COVID and other unprecedented circumstances of cancelation we highly recommend you purchase flexibility with your flight booking and other potential accommodation reservations as we are not responsible for flights and any other exterior reservations outside of the retreat experience that was directly booked with us.



  • How to get there (flights) Once arriving at Cancun International Airport (CUN), you may request a taxi service, or book an ADO bus or Van collectivo to take you to Tulum where you may choose to stay a night before the retreat starts. If you arrive in Cancun on the day of the start of the retreat, then you may take the transport of your choice to Tulum. We will have a Van service picking all our guests up from a specific meeting point in Tulum so that everyone can arrive to the retreat center together. For those who choose to arrive via their own transportation. The home is perfectly situated only 6km into the Sian Ka'an biosphere reserve - far away enough to feel like a secluded tropical paradise escape. Cancun Airport is a 120-minute driv

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