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6 Day "Ether to Earth" - Spiritual Alignment Experience in the Mystical Baja California Desert, MX.

November 7th - 12th, 2023 (REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED)

Enter the silent awakening of the desert, where only you stand in between your will to move into this new chapter of your life. We invite you to reconnect with the wisdom of simplicity, nature and your essence.

November 7th - 12th, 2023

in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico

Pricing Varies Depending on Accommodation Option
All-Inclusive Retreat Starting Price: 899USD

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If you can name it, you can tame it.
Welcome! This is a self-knowledge retreat, carefully designed in an interdisciplinary way whose central core is Art Therapy. Its main objective is to redirect and utilize stagnant emotions, as well as energetic states stored in the body towards enhancing people's lives as cognizant humans on this planet.

Are you aligned with your purpose?

We provide a moment of reflection, to release the control of daily life so that you may identify emotional blockages to transmute them. Being physically and psychologically balanced and mentally light are the beginning benefits to feeling reconnected with one's spiritual side, that meaning: being connected with one's main purpose in life.

Gift yourself the time and space to perceive the wisdom, clarity, and by consequence, the power of your being. Redirecting those actions that do not nourish your path and promote those that do by establishing healthy practices and a long-term strategy so that your intentions are maintained over time.

In this edition, we will be embraced by the wisdom of Baja California's desert and experience artistic somatic practices such as Authentic Movement, Voice Activation & Liberation, and Embodiment dynamics. Go deep with diverse techniques of Meditation, Hatha Yoga, Mindfulness practices, Desert hiking, and many more activities.
If these activities leaves wanting a bit more action and connection with Baja's wild then we invite you on a memorable excursion to swim in the warm Cortez Sea and snorkel with curious marine life, like sea lions.
As the week’s activities progress, unforgettable life connections will be formed, new tools to live a harmonious life will be acquired and most importantly - paths to new horizons will be clearer. All that is left is for you to continue on your path, with courage, grit, focus, and confidence in your character.
"We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same."

Full Description

After many years of practice and research in the performing arts, we have found essential therapeutic value and understand within these modalities that we feel we must share. The method is based on the hypothesis that the therapeutic effect of art lays in the moment of expression, and the depth and authenticity of the expression are directly proportional to the basic confidence of the person.
So, the retreat aims to provide a safe space for introspection, as a laboratory of experiences to give rise to our shadows and our inner light.
Shave off layer by layer to awaken a more intuitive and serene self by sharpening your attention through dynamic and still meditative practices - to feel the subtleties of life, enhance the senses and refresh an appreciation for truly living, and by doing so, renew your being.
We are delighted to host you in a specialized retreat center for these specific reasons.

Immersed in the Baja desert and cleansed by the waters of the Cortez Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Silent, Simple, Mystical. Venture into an experience in direct connection with nature, claiming simplicity, away from consumerism and stress of the city life. The retreat center is designed under the precepts of Permaculture, taking care of the resources of the place, and leaving the smallest possible footprint behind. A return to a simple and fundamental way of life, its essence will embrace you. Learning from our roots and ancestral practices that lead to wisdom. We will explore the desert together and listen to its secret murmurs in the breeze. From the dry to the wet, we will swim with amazing fauna and learn from the grace of its movements in the most important marine life sanctuary known as “The Aquarium of the World”.

We open the experience every day with the practice of Hatha Yoga, Pranayama (Breathwork) exercises and Meditation (Anapana, Vipassana & Metta), inhabiting our being with integrity; body, mind & soul.  As the retreat begins, we generate an atmosphere of connection by offering a series of Somatic Movement and Vocal Freedom workshops that encourage self-expression, acceptance and embody confidence. Explore the different levels of your comfort and discover the beauty in life and all its splendor. Giving yourself time and space to immerse in artistic/therapeutic laboratories that allow you to make wise decisions, refine the senses and light an inner motivation. We offer a powerful tool to embark on an internal adventure. 

Janzu is a body-mind psychotherapy experienced as a water journey. Using our physical body as a gateway to access our emotional, mental, and energetical bodies, the benefits of a single session are perceived throughout our whole being, reaching levels of relaxation we didn't know we were capable of. 

Janzu induces profound changes in the way we carry our being in the world, increasing our body awareness and our capacity to flow in this life.
All the momentum that we accumulated and condensed must be given shape, and what better way than to direction it by grounding our yearned for dreams and desires that wander through our mind. Our leading motive perhaps has not been fully explored or defined. You will enjoy a multi-versatile Goal Planning group session, also known as Ether to Earth. Which is a creative method that gives form and clarity and establishes achievable strategies to attain your most desired life objectives. Pull these dreams from the ether, plant these idea seeds in fertile soil, and design them step-by-step to make them accessible and realistic. By following through this process, it will no longer be a dream but an affirmation of your potential. Identifying your passions brings motivation and purpose to life.

To seal this special journey that we've collectively embarked on, we will set our intention for this wholesome new beginning as we drink ceremonial Cacao in communion by sharing together. Allowing the heart to open, the senses to activate, and welcoming a deeper loving connection with new friends. 
We recognize the healing power of the collective spirit, to which we are a part of and dedicate our services to. We believe that honesty is necessary for our communication. Beyond the over-information and stimulation that is offered daily, we insist on the healing power of the arts, we insist on seeking the answers within ourselves. That's why we rely on self-exploration, self-contemplation and love to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to be in all your ways.

We adjust the design of the retreat to its participant's needs and true necessities to help each person expand toward their path of self-discovery or self-healing. We go through a brief pre-retreat interview process to connect and get to know every one of you so that we can offer you the most appropriate methods for the development of your process.
We trust that between so many words this message will reach where it has to go. We do not have the space to mention all the activities and information we will offer in great detail so we encourage you to message us if you have any questions and we will schedule a call to discuss further and get to know one another.

Do not hesitate to contact us!



  • Become stronger mentally and emotionally by incorporating techniques of self-observation so you don't react so easily in future situations. Instead, act from a place of love and inner peace. Put your spirituality into practice.

  • Treat & honor yourself by giving yourself time for reflection and self-exploration.

  • Amplify your perception and welcome new perspectives so that you may expand your potential.

  • Immerse in divine nature, on a quiet secluded beach. The effects of the adventures and memories created in the desert of Baja California will continue even after you return home.

  • Expand your vocal capacity and free expression by exploring the true sound of your voice and authentic movement. Touch and dive into the therapeutic effects of the arts. Awaking the artist that lives in you.

  • Connect with the essence of the natural divinity of nature during our silent mornings, practice yoga asanas, pranayama & guided meditations.

  • Get more motivation and passion in your daily lives, purifying your mind, body, and soul through a nourishing Sattvic lifestyle and doing Intermittent Fast

  • Relate Authentically through new practices with other like-minded beings

  • Submerge yourself, snorkeling in Cortez Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Self Express freely in a safe nonjudgmental container while feeling supported and seen

  • Materialize and give form to your dreams through Ether to Earth, a coaching workshop. When you will be able to put your discipline and purpose into practice.

  • Creative writing circle & opening of the heart with Cacao Ceremony. Let your voice out!


What Makes This Retreat Special

The Ether to Earth method takes the retreat experience further than a mere yoga holiday retreat. This methodology was carefully crafted and elaborated by professionals from the field of psychology, arts, and social communications.


We consider spiritual practices not as a mere trend but as a practical path of self-knowledge. Tempering the spirit is learning to be observers of our interior and what surrounds us, and seeing how both forces enter into harmony. A communion between our elements, our desires, and our anxieties. An essential tool so that one does not react impulsively but instead respond from a place of compassion in connection with one's life purpose.

In order to dedicate ample time to each one of you we've narrowed our participant group sizes to keep them intimate enough to provide a space where everyone feels seen and personally cared for. Here you will practice exercises to awaken mental clarity and gain confidence that does not rely on exterior validation or other factors. Instead, it’s affirmed by appreciating your strengths, understanding your shadows, and calming the mind to develop the ability to self-observe.
You will receive multiple tools and knowledge that will improve your quality of life, performance in your work, depth and sincerity in your relationships, power in your word, and coherence in your actions. In a few words: a mind re-set.

Personal work must be done with love, care, and consideration. With more than 10 workshops and experiences in a span of 6 days, you will enjoy being with yourself and sharing with other courageous people in their processes.
Bringing awareness to your practices IS what we consider spiritual alignment.
All of this experience is orchestrated so that you may get the most benefit out of what we collectively have to offer and progress steadily in your life... and perhaps on the way to greater expansion and performance of your work in this world.
We wholeheartedly believe in the power of these practices and have witnessed their results. Simplicity, self-observation and trust. Understanding that there is more than one perspective to every event, and allowing oneself to let go - are the keys to inner peace.



  • Retreat includes

    • Morning Yoga & Breathwork

    • 14 Nutritious & Balanced Meals

    • Accommodation for 5 nights & 6 days in the Eco Retreat Center

    • Somatic Embodiment Movement Session

    • Vocal Freedom Workshop

    • Snorkeling with wild nature in Cortez Sea, excursion to Espiritu Santo Island

    • Janzu (Aquatic therapeutic massage)

    • Temazcal [temasˈkal] (A Mesoamerican Sweat lodge)

    • Authentic Movement session

    • Still & Dynamic Meditation

    • Desert Hiking

    • Night Sound Journey

    • Kirtan

    • Free Time to Relax and Explore

    • 5 Rhythms Meditative Movement / Ecstatic Dance

    • Mauna Mornings (Silence, peace of mind, inner quietude)

    • Restorative Processing

    • Empowerment & Recognition of Individual Strengths

    • "Ether to Earth" Mster plan - Mentored Goal Planning group session

    • Authentic Relating Workshop

    • Creative Fire Writing Night

    • Yoga Nidra

You open your eyes to a distant latitude, surrounded by waves, and mysterious silent desert rumors. No words. The sun is appearing on the horizon, it’s time to wake up, write down your dreams, wash your face, and perhaps take a dive in the sea. Sip on warm lemon water to alkalize the body and dress for your Yoga and Meditation session, inhabiting your body, mind, and spirit. You maintain silence during the morning and breakfast time where you will break your intermittent fast with a delicious smoothie bowl with all the nutrients and natural vitamins to continue the day. Purifying your blood and inner waters. With your notebook at hand, you find the perfect place to jot down your thoughts of introspection. With new clarity that surprises and inclines you to seek the pleasures of seclusion, of retreat. You stretch and listen to the call for a Creative Movement workshop, breaking barriers, and reaching beyond the comfort of your limits. A feeling of liberation, a loss in worry and self-judgment, as it should be. The designed experiences leave us hungry for lunch. Having nutritionally balanced and wholesome meals satisfy and sustain us with nutritional vitality. After a break, we get together to breathe deeply and melodically express ourselves through ower voices as we sing. Releasing our vocal instrument. Laughing and embracing our melodies as one, making our physical state vibrate in with beautiful intentions and feelings. Taking a moment of self-care and reflection is a decisive step to achieving our goals. We close the day with a session of Sound Journey or Yoga Nidra. Feeling the subtleties and discovering new information from our subconscious mind.

Example Daily Schedule

(Enter a timeless day, where all you have to do is focus on yourself & wait for our team to call for you.)


7:30 AM - Morning Wake Up Call

  • Morning Lemon Water

  • Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama

  • Breakfast

  • 1st Activity - (Either: Authentic Relating, Authentic Movement, Vocal Flow Creations, or Somatic Embodiment Workshop)

  • Lunch

  • 2nd Activity - (Either: Vocal Freedom, Desert Hiking, Ether to Earth Goal Planning session, Snorkeling with Wild Nature)

  • Break

  • Dinner

  • 3rd Activity - (Either: Creative Writing, Sound Bath Journey, and Yoga Nidra)

9:00 PM - End of Day



We begin the day with warm water with lemon to alkalize the body. The breakfast is a Smoothie Bowl with nuts and seeds to vitaminize and revitalize the whole body. The lunch will be after the second activity and will contain a balance of nutrients needed to nourish ourselves without feeling heavy or lethargic. We will provide vegetarian / vegan meals loaded with the necessary energy boosting proteins, carbs and healthy fats to fortify our body and mind throughout our daily activities. At the end of the day, as we approach sunset time we will gather for dinner to complete the necessary nutrients for the day. Leaving our body in perfect conditions to practice intermittent fasting (eating 8 hours / fasting 16 hours) to perceive all the benefits of this wonderful practice:
  • Thinking and memory. Studies discovered that intermittent fasting boosts working memory in animals and verbal memory in adult humans.

  • Heart health

  • Physical performance

  • Diabetes and obesity

  • Tissue Health

  • Blood levels of insulin drop significantly

  • Human growth hormone (HGH) levels

  • Cellular repair

  • There are beneficial changes in several genes and molecules related to longevity and protection against disease, for example, may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Can reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body, being oxidative stress one of the steps toward aging and many chronic diseases.

  • Blood sugar levels/blood pressure/blood triglycerides / Total and LDL (bad) cholesterol / inflammatory markers.



Ivan Hazael Gonzalez Apodaca

Janzu Practitioner & Ceremony Guide

Bachelor of Human Communication and Psychotherapist. A participant in Native American ceremonies (vision quest, sun dance), he has been granted permission to lead Temazcal ceremonies (Mesoamerican ceremonial sweat lodge).
As Co-founder of Colectivo Agua, he emanates a passion through his dedication to the practice and teaching of Janzu (body psychotherapy in water) for19 years and counting, which he has also used for over the last 5 years as a valuable alternative tool in the treatment of addictions.

Ivan Flores Lagos

Movement & Mindfulness

Co-founder of DeepRoot Movement and Juntxs Somos un Bosque, Ivan defines himself as an artivist. He has been immersed most of his life in a braid of concepts that span from the arts, social politics and permaculture.
Having graduated in Industrial Engineering, however, my studies and practices have included music, dance, ha-tha yoga, cinema, photography, physical theater, poetry, agriculture and herbal medicine, all amalgamated with the aim of creating social transformation. By improving and actively utilizing our different tools of communication.
Here lies my field of research, aimed at horizontal communication and the application of artistic and therapeutic methodologies for the development of communities and decision-making

Single Bed - Shared Eco Cabaña

Welcome to our low-impact shared Eco-Conscious Cabaña accommodation that offers guests a peaceful and restful stay. A true desert experience while enjoying the essentials of comfort and rejuvenating rest.
The Eco-Cabin is designed over stone floors, stucco walls, and a thatched roof. The cozy shared home has solar-powered lamps in the room and a side table for you to rest your items.
Come disconnect from the overstimulation of life and reconnect with nature and the beauty that rests inside you.

All inclusive price: 899 USD
(Per person)

Queen Bed in a Private Eco Cabaña

This private accommodation with a comfy queen-sized bed offers a peaceful and restful stay. An authentic desert experience while enjoying the essentials of comfort, privacy, and rest to recharge.
Your private Eco-Cabin is designed over stone floors, stucco walls, and a thatched roof. The cozy shared home has solar-powered lamps in the room and a side table for you to rest your items.
Come disconnect from the overstimulation of life and reconnect with nature and the beauty that rests inside you.

All inclusive price: 1,199 USD
(Per person)



We will be immersed at an Eco-Retreat center with the vision of a sustainable life in Southern Baja California an off-the-beaten-path destination. On the shore of the Cortez Sea "The aquarium of the world". Located in one of the Gulf of California's most beautiful coastal landscapes, just 40 minutes from the city of La Paz. We are close but secluded enough to enjoy a star-laced night sky, the undisturbed view of Espiritu Santo Island, and multicolored mountains. Its seclusion, peacefulness and intimate setting are some of its most wonderful assets. Be mindful that you are in the wild and expect to see the occasional desert wildlife, enjoy seeing them, and don't approach them, just practice observation. Enjoy the biodiversity of the desert and sea life by exploring the natural beauty of this land. Nature will lead your experience here, as you relax and allow it to touch you deeply.


What's Included In This Package

  • Morning Yoga & Breathwork

  • 14 Nutritious & Balanced Meals

  • Accommodation for 5 nights & 6 days in the Retreat Center

  • Somatic Embodiment Movement Session

  • Vocal Freedom Workshop

  • Cacao & Mushroom Microdose Sacred Intention setting

  • Snorkeling with wild nature in Cortez Sea (excursion to Espiritu Santo Island).

  • Authentic Movement session

  • Still & Dynamic Meditation

  • Desert Hiking

  • Free Time to Relax and Explore

  • 5 Rhythms Meditative Movement / Ecstatic Dance

  • Mauna Mornings (Silence, peace of mind, inner quietude)

  • Restorative Processing

  • Empowerment & Recognition of Individual Strengths

  • Master Plan - Mentored Goal Planning group session

  • Authentic Relating

  • Creative Fire Writing Night

  • Night Sound Journey

  • Yoga Nidra

What's Not Included In This Package

  • Travel insurance

  • Flights costs

  • Visa fee

  • Additional treatments

  • Additional activities not included in the itinerary

  • Airport transfers



Q: If I don't have any experience in artistic practices, is it possible to receive the same benefits?

A: Yes. We extract the therapeutic effects of dance, music and poetry making them available to anyone who wishes to navigate through themselves.

We use dynamic playful activities to ease the approach to those disciplines and climaxes of self-discovery by playing with techniques instead of putting the focus on them.

Q: I have always struggled with my voice when I want to sing in front of others. How is it possible to learn to sing in a week?

A: The experience aims to provide an ambient that welcomes exploration to discover your voice’s strength and to observe patterns in your body, mind, soul and character. These feelings present themselves when one feels exposed and supported. A powerful catalyst that helps you feel fueled with inspiration to create. 

So yes, you will learn some basic techniques, but mainly you will learn to free your voice.

There will be moments to observe these physical blockages with a nonjudgmental mind while you play freely and release. And to reach those, “I did it” moments, you don't need to know how to sing or dance, you only need one thing: 

Surrender to yourself.



  • Electricity and outlets Solar Electricity: 100% of our electricity is from the solar panels on site and there is electricity from 7 am to 10 pm in the main areas (main palapa, kitchen, bathrooms, dining room, and kitchen). There is a charging station for phones in the main palapa area with a 110 ac/dc plug. There is no wifi on site but there is cell service for most phones depending on the service provider. We do have solar lamps in each room that are not connected to the main system, so after 10 pm each room and the bathrooms have illumination.

  • How to get there (flights) Once arriving at La Paz International Airport (LAP), you may request a taxi service, bus, or Van colectivo to take you to the center of the city where you may choose to stay a night before the retreat starts. We will provide a Transfer service from La Paz to the Eco Center on the day or the start at noon.

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