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4 Day "Heart & Trauma Transformation Journey"
in Running Springs, California, USA

September 15th - 18th, 2023

Transmuting stagnant emotional or traumatic blockages stored in the body through somatic practices, reconnecting with the essence of nature's wisdom, and integrating self-observation techniques. These practices will help you break away from repetitive cycles of falling victim to yourself and others, and become more aware. This is a retreat for you, whether it's the start of your healing journey or you're looking for a serious invigorating weekend reset, or you're a veteran in self-observation who wants to connect with like-minded people and do some self-loving work in community.

September 15th - 18th, 2023

in Running Springs, California, USA

Pricing Varies Depending on Accommodation Option
All-Inclusive Mental, Physical & Restorative Retreat

Starting Price: 1,099 USD




Welcome to an immersive journey of community living, lucidity and healing!

Here, you will have the opportunity to receive the benefits of somatic healing modalities such as Medical Biomagnetic & Emotional Healing therapy, combined with the art of Somatic Movement, Breathwork, Dynamic Meditation Practices, Authentic Relating, Voice Liberation Workshop, Conscious Living and much more. Become a reflection of the harmonious world you wish to live in by finding your inner balance.

How you may ask?

By transmuting stagnant emotional or traumatic blockages stored in the body through somatic practices, reconnecting with the essence of nature's wisdom, and integrating self-observation techniques. These practices will help you break away from repetitive cycles of falling victim to yourself and others, and become more aware. This is a retreat for you, whether it's the start of your healing journey or you're looking for a serious invigorating weekend reset, or you're a veteran in self-observation who wants to connect with like-minded people and do some self-loving work in community.

We offer 4-days/3-nights to reset so you may continue on your path feeling lighter, loved, and empowered with a new determination and outlook on life. There is no quick fix to a healthy life or an empowered human. However, it is ALWAYS within your reach!

Are you willing to be on the warrior’s path of self-observation, and acceptance of your truths, all the while gifting yourself the love and recognition you deserve? Then we welcome you to this journey with excitement and open arms!

The main object of this immersive experience is to reconnect with your heart and to discover a harmonious axis between feeling and reacting to your emotions. To do this we need to unveil and perhaps befriend the shadows that are covering your true essence.

We will walk this path together through presence, science, arts and community.

When we talk about trauma therapy, a factor that is crucial for us is to create a community where each of you can feel safe, heard and loved. For this reason, the container created in this retreat will invite your authentic self to share from a place where the anxious mind does not intervene. We are here to hold each and every one of you, professionally and humanly. Everyone is welcome to join this journey!

We believe that healing comes from the recognition, acceptance and compassion of our own patterns and wounds. As we come to peace with these parts that were once in our lives, we welcome the opportunity to authentically relate to others. A gift that many of us have strayed from in current societies, but is an essential human necessity. As you heal, so do your surroundings.

This powerful experience will gradually unfold through the softness of meditation, yoga, alternative therapies, breathwork, voice liberation, heart circles, Biomagnetism & Emotional Reconnection session, Dyads, somatic movement and LOVE, always LOVE.

“One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through and it will be someone else’s survival guide.”


Full Description

Unveil, discover, and give love and presence to your entirety.

After many years of practice and research in the performing arts, we have found essential therapeutic value and understanding within these modalities that we strongly feel must be shared. The method is based on the hypothesis that the therapeutic effect of art lies in the moment of expression, and the depth and authenticity of the expressions are directly proportional to the basic confidence of the person.

Therefore, the retreat aims to provide a safe space to release and transmute stagnant energetic blocked, whatever needs to be released. Whether it is trauma or detaching from old preconceived beliefs of yourself. These will be days of introspection, a laboratory of healing and self exploration, an experience that befriends our shadows and gives rise to our inner light... And recognizing our strengths that lie in between these polarities.

Medical Biomagnetism, also called BioMagnetic Pair Therapy, is a natural complementary therapy that diagnoses and treats many illnesses by placing pairs of medium-intensity magnets on specific points on the body. The diagnosis is done through a Kinesiology (muscle-test) assessment that in this case may also be known as Bioenergetic diagnosis.

These magnets are used to equalize an organism’s pH level. BioMagnetism Therapy is a scientifically sound alternative treatment, developed by Dr. Isaac Goiz of Mexico, that helps eliminate disease and restore and maintain physical and mental health without using pills or surgeries.

According to the theory behind medical biomagnetism, many illnesses, including cancer and many other complex diseases, are associated with fundamental changes in the pH level of internal organs. If an organ or physical system has a balanced pH, illness can not develop. Changes in the pH level of an organ or physical system are associated with the presence of viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, toxins, and other harmful factors. This vibrational therapy screens the body for pH imbalances that may be the cause of a person’s physical or psychological dysfunction and restores health by balancing the acidic and alkaline levels of the body by applying magnets of medium intensity to specific areas of the body for a short period of time.

More specifically, BioMagnetic Pair therapy attacks the root cause of your ailment and not just the symptomatology, identifying diseases according to their genuine etiology and not just their manifestation. For example, if you suffer from fibromyalgia, BioMagnetic pair therapy seeks to identify the organ or physical system which has been compromised by a virus, parasite, or toxin, rather than just deal with your manifestation of pain. Once the imbalance has been identified, BioMagnetic Pair therapy reestablishes the acidic-alkaline balance in the organ or physical system and restores health.

This phenomenal therapy is complimented with Emotional Healing therapy. EH therapy is a powerful method of finding and releasing trapped negative emotions that have been stored in the body through our subconscious minds’ desire to protect us from further suffering.

Trapped emotions are commonly carried around from past events, traumas or abuse. They may cause a variety of “symptoms,” that are health related in addition to impairments in relationships, career choices, or success. 

Emotional Healing therapy in combined with Biomagnetism can help relieve trauma and symptomatology from the body, physical tissues, organs and improve overall wellness. Following through with this treatment can dramatically increase the ability of how you think, the choices you make, and how you react to everyday challenges.

Unlike other Somatic methods, all the client needs to do during a BioMagnetic & Emotional Reconnection session is laydown, relax and allow the emotions to surface as the practitioner works on releasing the stored trauma in the body.

From here we will shave off layer by layer to awaken a more intuitive and serene self by sharpening your attention through dynamic and still meditative practices - to feel the subtleties of life, enhance the senses and refresh an appreciation for truly living, and by doing so, renew your being.

We open the experience every day with the practice of Hatha Yoga, Pranayama (Breathwork) exercises and Meditation (Anapana, Vipassana & Metta), inhabiting our being with integrity; body, mind & soul. As the retreat begins, we generate an atmosphere of connection by offering a series of Somatic Movement, Shadow work workshops and Vocal Liberation sessions that encourage self-expression and acceptance that embody confidence. Explore the different levels of your comfort and discover the beauty in life and all its splendor. Giving yourself time and space to immerse in artistic/therapeutic laboratories that allow you to make wise decisions, refine the senses and light an inner motivation.

We recognize the healing power of the collective spirit, to which we are a part of and dedicate our services to. We believe that honesty is necessary for our communication. Beyond the over-information and stimulation that is offered daily, we insist on the healing power of the arts, we insist on seeking the answers within ourselves. That's why we rely on self-exploration, self-contemplation and love to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to be in all your ways.

We adjust the design of the retreat to its participant's needs and true necessities to help each person expand toward their path of self-discovery or self-healing. We go through a brief pre-retreat interview process to connect and get to know every one of you so that we can offer you the most appropriate methods for the development of your process.We trust that between so many words this message will reach where it has to go. We do not have the space to mention all the activities and information we will offer in great detail so we encourage you to message us if you have any questions and we will schedule a call to discuss further and get to know one another.

Get in contact with us for the pre-retreat interview so we can get to know you and your needs a little better.

Much love to you!



  • Let go of the worry of exterior judgement and start living for yourself. Express freely and permit yourself to feel liberated.

  • Enrich your meditation to create a consistent daily practice - the benefits are indisputable.

  • Let go of the worry of exterior judgement and start living for yourself. Express freely and permit yourself to liberty to be heard and heal.

  • Become stronger mentally and emotionally by incorporating techniques of self observation so you don't react so easily in future situations. Instead, act from a place of love and inner peace. Put your spirituality into practice.

  • Treat, invest & honor yourself by giving yourself time for reflection and self-exploration.

  • Amplify your perception and welcome new perspectives so that you may expand your potential.

  • Connect with the essence of the natural divinity of nature during our silent mornings, practice Yoga asanas, pranayama & guided meditations.

  • Relate Authentically through new practices with other like-minded beings

  • Self Express freely in a safe nonjudgmental container while feeling supported and seen

  • The ideal place to unplug, slow down that fast pace, and get back in touch with nature

  • A chance to get away and step aside from all the hustle and bustle of city life

  • Peace and quiet for the mind, refreshing energy for the body and regulate your nervous system


What Makes This Retreat Special

This retreat is designed for small groups of people, here you will practice exercises to awaken mental clarity and gain confidence that does not rely on exterior validation or other factors. Instead, it’s affirmed by appreciating your strengths, understanding your shadows, and calming the mind to develop the ability to self-observe.

You will receive multiple tools and practices that will improve your quality of life, performance in your work, depth and sincerity in your relationships, power in your word, and coherence in your actions. In a few words: a mind re-set.

What initiates and gives force towards this wholesome reset is the unique BioMagnetism & Emotional Healing therapeutic session that will help you reset your nervous system and emotionally balance you in more than one way. You will receive the individual BioMagnetism & Emotional Reconnection session during the first days of the retreat, so then after the transmutation and healing can occur. Even the most smiley or calm people have baggage to heal, the difference is that some hide it better than others.

Personal work must be done with love, care, and consideration. With more than 8 workshops and experiences in a span of 4 days, you will enjoy being with yourself and sharing with other courageous people in their processes.

Bringing awareness to living IS what we consider spiritual alignment.

We wholeheartedly believe in the power of these therapeutic practices and have witnessed their results. Simplicity, self-observation and trust. Understanding that there is more than one perspective to every event, and allowing oneself to let go - are the keys to inner peace.



You begin the day with morning tea to warm the body. Our morning breakfast is a power Smoothie Bowl topped with nuts, shredded coconut, fruit and seeds to nourish the body holisticlly. The lunch will be after the second activity and will contain a balance of nutrients needed to nourish ourselves without feeling heavy or lethargic.

We will provide vegetarian/vegan meals loaded with the necessary energy-boosting proteins, carbs, and healthy fats to fortify our bodies and mind throughout our daily activities. At the end of the day, as we approach sunset time we will gather for dinner to complete the necessary nutrients for the day. Leaving our body in perfect condition to practice intermittent fasting (eating 8 hours / fasting 16 hours) to perceive all the benefits of this wonderful practice:

  • Thinking and memory. Studies discovered that intermittent fasting boosts working memory in animals and verbal memory in adult humans.

  • Heart health.

  • Physical performance

  • Diabetes and obesity

  • Tissue health.

  • Blood levels of insulin drop significantly

  • Human growth hormone (HGH) levels

  • Cellular repair.

  • There are beneficial changes in several genes and molecules related to longevity and protection against disease, for example, may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Can reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body, being oxidative stress one of the steps toward aging and many chronic diseases

  • Blood sugar levels/blood pressure/blood triglycerides / Total and LDL (bad) cholesterol / inflammatory markers.




With over 20 years of professional experience in the arts of Alternative Therapy healing, a leader in facilitating Alternative Healing Modality events and seminars for other practitioners in the health field, and having heal over hundreds of patients in her clinical center.
Angela has developed a fusion method of emotional healing techniques that are complimented by balancing the physical body's health with BioMagnetic therapy. 
Through years of practicing diverse holistic therapies, such as Manual Muscle Testing (MMT), Yuen Method, Theta Healing, Axiatonal Therapy, Karuna Ki Reiki, Hypnotherpy, Nutrition, and Reconnection Healing. She now interweaves these practices while incorporating the use of multidisciplinary healing systems learned from around the world to optimize the positive energy for the greatest outcome of her participants.


Co-founder of DeepRoot Movement, Nathalie has over 15 years of classical dance experience, a degree in Psychology, a background in Hatha yoga and diverse meditation practices, and countless life lessons from years of living nomadically around the globe. I've witnessed breakthroughs in comparable mental and physical ailments/limitations, recognizing there are multiple avenues to healing, from ancestral practices to allopathic medicines.
My interest in movement-meditative research started at Uni. Yet the practical work initiated a few years back in India and continued on into Mexico and California, thereafter it expanded into other therapeutic terrains within the arts. Such as performative and visual arts, dynamic meditations, yoga, mindfulness, conscious nutrition, applied kinesiology and alternative therapies.
Now, consolidating embodiment, self-observation, and therapeutic life studies into experiences of self-discovery that encourage a fundamental balance and confidence in individuals and in groups. I hope to contribute to the collective evolution, as one heals we all begin to heal, and vice versa. The recovery process initiates with recognizing the uncomfortable truth to truly create a path of connection and transformation.



Twin Sized Bunk Bed - Shared Room

Welcome to our Shared Room where you will rest over a comfortable Twin Sized Bed in our Bunk bed room. This cozy and silent room is ideal for introspection, deep sleep and relaxation. There are 5.5 bathrooms shared by 5 rooms in the cabin so there is enough room and privacy for all to enjoy. No need to wait, the room is ready at your convenience.This Shared room hosts at most 4 other guests, whether you arrive together or meet on this journey it is always a gift to remember. Great friendships are formed unexpectedly on these trips.

Enjoy the beauty and simplicity of complete seclusion from the hustle of the city and cubical life, and embrace the abundance of connection with yourself, the stunning forest, and a new loving community.
During your free time, you're invited to decompress and enjoy the property facilities such as the large backyard chest set, meditate by the pond or explore the forest, without going too far of course. 😉We will have a safe box available to store your valuable items or for things that can perhaps distract you from your retreat work, such as your cell phone.

There is the option for WiFi internet, (however, we encourage you to disconnect from virtual distractions to reconnect with yourself, a true dopamine fasting). Of course, there will be unlimited fresh drinking water (please bring your own refillable water bottle).

1,099 USD
The price listed is per person.


Full Sized Bed - Shared Room

Welcome to our Shared Room where you will rest over a comfortable Full Sized Bed in our Bunk bed room. This 5,000 sq. ft. cabin is on a sprawling 2-acre property that will invite tranquility as you explore with new friends or with your thoughts.

Book now as we only have 2 Full sized beds available!

1,250 USD
The price listed is per person.


Private Room

Do not miss this opportunity to be in direct contact with the lush beauty of our surrounding National Forest while maintaining all the necessary comforts and receiving therapeutic care. Our private rooms host a Queen bed with lovely traditional mountain decor to make you feel you are truly on an adventure.

You can rest and recover from the activities in your private accommodation or take time alone as you walk in between the trees, or rest by the pond to process what is being revealed to you from within.

You will have a safe box in your room to store valuables or to lock away distractions that can pull you out of your presence and from your retreat work, such as your cell phone and watch 😉. 

There is the option for WiFi internet, (however, we encourage you to disconnect from virtual distractions to reconnect with yourself, a true dopamine fasting).

Book now as we only have 2 private rooms available!

1,799 USD
The price listed is per person.


It's time to stop in time! Contact your job, family, and friends and inform them that you will disconnect for a weekend to reconnect with yourself and the wisdom of nature.
We will immerse into the spirit of nature and enjoy the beauty of this stunning 2-acre property that hosts a beautiful cabin that is surrounded by the National Forest, a place that will be your weekend sanctuary.
Running Springs, California is situated between Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake and in one of the most spectacular wilderness areas. On this enchanting property, your senses will meet the lush green rolling hills, the smell of the pine trees, the fresh air, wild critters, and when the lights are out - you will enjoy the magnificence of the luminous starry sky.
If you're looking for a complete reset, this is the place for you.


What's Included In This Package

  • 1 on 1 BioMagnetism & Emotional Healing session

  • Morning Yoga & Breathwork

  • 8 Nutritious & Balanced Meals

  • Somatic Embodiment Movement Session

  • Authentic Movement workshop

  • Nature Walks

  • Still & Dynamic Meditation

  • Connection with Nature

  • Free Time to Relax, Integrate and Explore

  • Mauna Mornings (Silence, peace of mind, inner quietude)

  • Restorative Processing

  • Empowerment & Recognition of Individual Strengths

  • Authentic Relating - Dyad Circle of words

  • Community Lifestyle Living

  • 3 Nights of Accommodation

  • Group Activities

What's Not Included In This Package

  • Airport transfer

  • Travel insurance

  • Flights costs

  • Visa fee

  • Additional activities not included in the itinerary

  • Additional treatments or sessions


How To Get There (Transportation)

Book your flight to Los Angeles International Airport(LAX) and from there you can request an Uber or rent a car to drive to the property in Running Springs, California which is about an hour and fifty minutes in distance from the LAX airport.
If you book your flight to Palm Springs International Airport(PSP) you will be a bit closer to the retreat location, it is about an hour and fifteen minutes in distance from the PSP airport.
We will also be organizing a WhatsApp group for people who wish to carpool together.


What To Bring

  • Personal Toiletries

  • A Clean Pair of Socks for Therapy session

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • Sun hat

  • Mosquito Repellent

  • Reusable Water Bottle

  • Medication And Supplies

  • Bath Towel

  • Flashlight

  • Comfortable Sandals

  • Hiking Shoes

  • Yoga Mat (We will not provide Yoga Mats)

  • Comfortable Clothing for Dancing, Hot Weather, and Nature

  • Ear Plugs (optional)

  • Extra Pens and Notebook

  • ID or Passport

  • Cash (There are no ATMs around)

  • An Open Heart and Mind


Flight and Other Trip Reservations
Due to unprecedented circumstances of cancelation we highly recommend you purchase flexibility with your flight booking and other potential accommodation reservations as we are not responsible for flights and any other exterior reservations outside of the retreat experience that was directly booked with us.




Biomagnetism involves the precise and correct placement (north/south polarity) of special medium to high intensity field magnets over very specific areas of the body, to support pH regulation in these areas. By maintaining an adequate pH, homeostasis can be re-established so that the body can heal itself. BioMagnetic Pair Therapy scans for, detects, classifies, measures and corrects the pH imbalances of living organisms. When the pH of an organ or other physiological system is correctly balanced, it creates a hostile environment for any pathogen which may be infecting it. The pathogen is thereby effectively neutralized.


The simplicity and power of the BioMagnetic system allows a therapist to work with powerful but inoffensive magnets to obtain robust and lasting results. During a BioMagnetic Therapy treatment, your therapist uses muscle testing to scan your entire body for the presence of pathogenic microorganisms. These are identified by distorted levels of acidity and alkalinity (pH) in organs or other physiological systems. Then after the practitionar goes through a muscle testing practice to identify the emotional root cause of these issues so they may be relased.

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