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About Us

Empower the Change Within

We invite you to tap into your curiosities, to unveil the guide within who aches to be rediscovered.

Deep Root Movement designs contained environments that interweave multidisciplinary practices that evoke a state of self-empowerment and self-accountability. This leads to fulfilled individuals inspired to expand their potential, and inevitably discover a network of like-minded creatives who aspire to develop a world where all live harmoniously in society & nature.

Image by Javier Allegue Barros

Eclectic Disciplines

We design multidisciplinary retreats and workshop experiences where one comes to transmute self-imposed limitations through various practices:

Mental & Spiritual Alignment, Creative Stimuli, Somatic Embodiment Dances,

Discovery & Strength of the Voice, Ether to Earth goal planning sessions, Mindfulness & Yoga integration, Contact with Nature, Collective Collaboration exercises, as well as encouraging confidence to hold space and lead.​

Activate what lies within to be the change you seek to see in this world.

We invite you to join the tribe.

Ivan Flores Lagos

Social Arts & Communication

Co-founder of DeepRoot Movement and Juntxs Somos un Bosque, Ivan defines himself as an artivist. He has been immersed most of his life in a braid of concepts that span from the arts, social politics and permaculture.

Having graduated in Industrial Engineering, however, my studies and practices have included music, dance, ha-tha yoga, cinema, photography, physical theater, poetry, agriculture and herbal medicine, all amalgamated with the aim of creating social transformation.
 By improving and actively utilizing our different tools of communication.

Here lies my field of research, aimed at horizontal communication and the application of artistic and therapeutic methodologies for the development of communities and decision-making. All my research and developments are written down in my second Thesis called: La Forma (The Form). A research work of more than 12 years that is soon to be released!

Nathalie Flores

Movement & Mindfulness

Co-founder of DeepRoot Movement, Nathalie has over 15 years of classical dance experience, a degree in Psychology, a background in Hatha yoga, diverse meditation practices, and countless life lessons from years of living nomadically around the globe. She's witnessed breakthroughs in mental and physical ailments/limitations, recognizing there are multiple avenues to healing, from ancestral practices to allopathic medicines.

Having an interest in the benefits of meditative research at the University. Yet the practical work started a few years back in India and since then it’s continued in Mexico & California where it's expanded into other therapeutic terrains within the arts. Such as performative & visual arts, dynamic meditations, conscious nutrition and applied kinesiology.

Now, consolidating embodiment, self-observation, and therapeutic life studies into experiences of self-discovery that encourage a fundamental balance and confidence in individuals and in groups. She hopes to contribute to the collective evolution, as one heals we all begin to heal, and vice versa. The recovery process initiates with recognizing the uncomfortable truth to truly create a path of connection and transformation.

Tropical Leaves

Meet the Team

Deep Root Movement offers an inspiring and enriching experience that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and wellness. Our qualified and experienced team, including experienced BioMagnetic & Emotional release practitioners, Physiotherapists and Janzu facilitators, will provide the care and guidance you need to reach the depths of holistic wellbeing.

"Medicines have limitations;
the creative life force has none."

- Swami Sri Yukteswar

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